So often we want people to fit our version of who we want them to be. At times I’ve played the potter and other times I felt like the clay. As the potter, I found myself projecting my insecurities and fears onto others rather than looking within to see, accept and heal my fractured parts. When I was the clay, I was a top rate people pleaser. I didn’t have boundaries and would often bend and twist my soul to become what someone wanted or needed me to be. It was miserable. But no matter what end I found myself, both were just plain wrong – completely out of order. I no longer try to conform to become what anyone thinks I should be. And I stopped pushing my will against someone else’s soul to avoid facing my own pain. There is only one Potter, and we are the clay. In His amazing, mighty hands we can be certain God will lovingly shape and mold us so we may fulfill His plans for our lives. So if you are playing the potter, get that person off your potter’s wheel, move out the way and let God be God in their lives. And ask God to show you the hole you’re trying to unknowingly force another person to fill. On the other hand, f you happen to feel like clay in another human’s hands, I urge you to pray, speak up in truth and love, erect healthy boundaries and then go about the business of seeking God so you can understand the origin of the behavior and heal from it. In the end, if we dare to be honest with ourselves, broken paths will ultimately lead us to God and the healing we so desperately desire. ~M.❤🙏🏽