My Why – My Wonder


Have you ever experienced something so beautiful you wanted to share it with everyone you know? And you want them to experience it too because it was just that magnificent or transformative? Have you ever found yourself standing in that sacred spot where you have come to know God in a tender and loving way? Where he has made himself so personal to you, everything in your world changes – chains fall, heartache melts away, miracles abound? Like the Apostle Paul, the scales have fallen from your eyes and you see – for the first time – the secret of God – the depth and breadth of his love for you? It feels like the first time you see the sun rising in the sky but only it’s rising in your spirit. It is spectacular, breathtaking and miraculous all at the same time – a spiritual wonder. And what a sight it is to behold.

Just in case you were wondering, that’s the “why” behind The Hope Report. It’s me trying desperately to share with you – through poetry, pictures, short messages or this blog – what God has so graciously shared with me. His love has so tenderly transformed me from hopeless to hopeful, brokenness to wholeness, sorrowful to joyful, and those gifts aren’t’ meant to be kept to yourself. Hence, the birth of The Hope Report. It so happens that yesterday, April 6th, marked the one month anniversary of its launch. I’m excited about the things God will do through The Hope Report. I believe it is part of my beginning to walk in His purpose for my life, and it feels really good. It’s an honor to be able to share messages of hope, love, and inspiration with you. Good things will happen here, and I’m happy you will be a part of it. So, now that you know my why and my wonder, I want to know what’s your spiritual wonder? How will you share it? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, remember, with God, there is always hope!

With the greatest love, always,


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